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Liberty Motor Associates (Pvt) Ltd, is a pioneer in the industrial supply solution sector, which provides Bearings, Power Transmission Belts, Pulleys and Oil Seals for various customer requirements. Established its commercial operations in 1968 with the efforts of its founder Mr. Dharmadhasa, today, the Company has developed in to a leading position for its products.
Currently it operates with three sales outlets in the commercial city of Colombo, of which, the main sales outlet located at No.488, Sri Sangaraja Mawatha, Colombo 10. The Company’s new head office and the central warehouse complex is located at Ambathale which provides the management, administration and logistic support for its business operations.
With the vision and the leadership of the Late Chairman Mr Dharmadasa who has established the business in 1968, was already a growing business despite of several insurgences that the country went through. In 1998, he has introduced a committed successor who is now serving as the current Chairman of the Company, Mr Harsha Kariyakarawana, to continue the family’s business legacy.
With the present Chairman’s dedication and direction for over 20 years, the Company grew further while creating a variety of satisfied stake-holders for the Company.

Chairman’s Message

It gives me a great pleasure & privilege to welcome you for our website and to write on behalf of Liberty Motor Associates (Pvt) Ltd.
14th March 1968, must have been refreshingly a new beginning of a long journey for Liberty Motors. Over 50 years of customer service with the guidance and determination of our late founder Chairman Mr K.D.Dharmadsa, might have paved the way to create a will to win attitude of current management and employees. After a successful transition to the second generation in early 2000, Liberty Motors has further strengthened the ties with its key stake holders while enhancing the values of business practices.
I hope that this website will become a gateway to further strengthen the relationship with our customers while creating a new dimension of information platform.
We as a team, will take every measure to update the innovations and changes taking place in the business environment while focusing on competitiveness with ultimate goal of bringing the satisfaction to our customers.
As in our journey of over 50 years, we promise that we will continue in providing the added value to our customers, employees, industry and for the society in the upcoming periods.
I would like to thank all the customers, employees and business partners.

Your Sincerely,
Harsha Kariyakarawana
Chairman / Managing Director.

Sales Growth




2010 average sales increment compared to 2005


2015 average sales increment compared to 2010


2020 average sales increment compared to 2015


2021 average sales increment compared to 2020


In short, the Company also known as “Liberty Motors”, had been concentrated on its core values throughout. “Customer commitment, Quality of work, Integrity and ethical conduct, Team work, Personal accountability and last but not least the Good Citizenship” had paved the growth of our business.


  • 1968 – Inception of the company as a proprietary business on 14th March 1968.
  • 1982 – Opened a new branch at Sri Sangaraja Mawatha, Colombo 10, on 10th November 1982
  • 1984 – Diversified in to the industrial range of products.
  • 1987 – Appointed as the pioneer SKF industrial bearing distributor
  • 1988 – Opened the 3rdout-let for the automobile sector at Panchikawatte, Colombo 10
  • 1998 – Became the exclusive distributor for ASAHI bearing units from Japan and started to market owned brand power transmission belt from Thailand.
  • 2000 – The business was converted in to a limited liability and successfully introduced the second generation to the board
  • 2004 – Became the exclusive distributors for ZKL bearings from Czech Republic and Optibelt power transmission belts from Germany.
  • 2010 – Became the exclusive distributor for NKE bearings from Austria
  • 2010 – Increased the Company’s fixed asset base by 150%
  • 2019 – December 6th – Opened the newly constructed three story 7500 square feet head office & administrative building complex in Ambathale.


Liberty Motor Associates (Pvt)Ltd. is a pioneer in the industrial supply solution sector, which provides Bearings, Power transmission Belts, Pulleys and Oil Seals for various customer requirements.Our comprehensive services are designed to meet your needs, enhance your operations, and drive efficiency.

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